Speaking Engagements + History Lectures

On Intrinsic Curiosity and Writing Across the Primary Grades
Blue School Annual Parent Meeting (video above)
(January 2020)

VERSUS: Bridges vs. Tunnels
Featured bridge expert, Caveat
(January 2020)

Cait McDoyle: Making Ends Meet
New York City Secrets and Lies
(April 2019)

Guided Inquiry in Support of Writing and Student Voice
Blue School Annual Parent Meeting
(January 2019)

Discovering Voices of the Past: Guided Inquiry Through Object Investigation in Support of Social Studies Curriculum and Museum Visits
Blue School Teaching Innovation Conference
(November 2018)

Gallus Mag: Wickedest Woman in the Fourth Ward
New York City Secrets and Lies
(August 2018)

Emily Roebling: Pioneer Engineer
Rosalind Franklin Underground Science Festival
(May 2018)

Emily Roebling: Controlling Your Own Narrative
Dead Talks at Caveat
(April 2018)

Building the Brooklyn Bridge
Science Exclamation Point!
(March 2018)